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Contractual obligations demanded his return, but Craig риобет зеркало рабочее seemed so antagonistic towards the franchise and fans were eager to riobet фриспины see someone new take over. I am sure, there will be changes. But I think all Fukunaga is saying here is that the 4 in Bond 22 is still very much the beast struggling with the leftover self-loathing and rage issues that began in Casino Royale, it is easy to misinterpret the above quote as referring to a narrative plot point. And he риобет зеркало рабочее makes that known loud and clear in the interview, fukunaga is a big fan of Daniel Craig. He wants to keep Bond human.

He wants to resist the urge to hide the character behind gadgets and catchphrases. What Fukunaga is continuing from Casino Royale is a genuine connection to the world around us. Does that mean that Bond риобет зеркало 21 will риобет зеркало рабочее skip on Q and the megalomaniacal villainy of Christoph Waltz?. But the fresh voice of Fukunaga finally gives fans the opportunity to see a Bond actor take a victory lap around the track, daniel Craig leaving Bond with Spectre would have continued the tradition of mediocre climaxes. But it will also be nice to witness Craig dominate the character rather than the other way around, we may have been ready for a new face.

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